Interview: André Janizewski of Nation of Gondwana

Nestled in a forest with a small lake roughly 60km from Berlin, Nation of Gondwana is truly a hidden gem and, though it may be a recurring hotspot for Berliners, very few people outside of Germany will have ever heard of it, despite the fact it’s been running for twenty-four years. Whilst many other German festivals are growing rapidly, NoG’s organisers choose to keep theirs small on purpose and do not speak to the press or advertise the event in any way. I was lucky enough to get a few words out of one of the organisers, André Janizewski, in this exclusive interview. Read on to find out what he has to say about Nation of Gondwana. 


Where did the name Nation of Gondwana come from?

My partner Markus Ossevorth and I wanted to organise an open-air party in 1995, after being refused in to a party during Love Parade 1994. We decided we did not want to repeat such an embarrassing situation and our solution was to organise a party ourselves without a doorkeeper to decide who would be let in. A friend of ours came up with the name and, as we never expected to hold the open-air event time and time again, we agreed to his suggestion. Twenty-four years on, the name appears to have stuck.

What kind of music can we expect to hear at the festival?

Techno, House, Downbeat and a little Rock ‘n’ Roll after hours.


How would you describe the atmosphere?

Hippie-style and open-minded. The location is very close to Berlin, so all the party hats from there come out to party together. Sexual orientations and music styles merge in a Gondwana.

With NoG increasing in popularity, how do you maintain its underground feel?

We have many guests who have been with us since the 90’s and together we make sure that we keep this underground flair by not advertising in magazines or on flyers, and usually we don’t carry out interviews (this is an exception). We also have NO sponsors! And we’re limited to 8,000 guests, so we’re doing our best to keep it underground.


Who or what has been the festival’s greatest influence over the years?

DJ Sven Dohse, a local hero who has been regularly playing the last slot of the festival for more then twenty years now. He has his own very special style and every year the dancefloor is full. We’ve had many big names there, but Sven remains the crowd-pleaser commissioner. Other than that, the village Grünefeld is a big influence; Nation of Gondwana has been held there for 20 years now, and we are working very closely with them. They sell food, do the firefighter’s work, deliver many things we need and, a weekend before the event, we put on a little party together with beers and a barbecue.

What have been the standout moments for you?

There was once a Punk Rock band instead of a house DJ behind the curtain – a big surprise for the audience! One minute, they were hating on us for the shock we put them through and the next, they were being attacked by Steampunks with flamethrowers assembled on Mad Max vehicles- an even greater shock! Haha.

What would be your top three reasons for visiting Nation of Gondwana?

Our guests, the little lake and the music.

Enticed? Visit Nation of Gondwana’s official website for more information, or join the community on Facebook.

For more interviews with festival organisers, follow my series “Tell me about your festival” on Medium.

Composed by: Milly Day
Photos by: Ringo Stephan

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