Interview: Sebastian Negomireanu of Transylvaliens

Transylvaliens is a 5-day psychedelic arts gathering in the wild Transylvanian nature featuring Psy and Goa artists from all over the world. Before the festival itself, the crew travel to various different locations roughly once a month to meet the global “alien family” and bring the spirit of the festival closer to everyone.

I caught up with Sebastian Negomireanu, who started Transylvaliens in 2013, to find out more.


Could you tell me how Transylvaliens got started?

We had this dream of a festival back in 2013 after organising a series of local parties, initially under the name “Brainstorm” and later on as “Psyland”. Our wish was to go beyond the local stage and bring people from all over the world together. There was this vision to create a universal family and unite it in the heart of the beautiful and unspoiled Transylvanian nature. We focused on celebrating diversity, which is reflected in all aspects of the festival, from the participants, to the music and activities. We are all a part of a big and happy universal family and nature is our home, away from the worries and stress of urban life.

What would be your three main reasons for attending the festival?

1. The feeling of family – once you get here, you feel connected with everyone and everything. Everybody is so friendly and loving, you won’t want to leave the place.

2. The wonderful nature – Transylvania is one of the last wild and unspoiled places in Europe, with vast forests, rivers and wildlife. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the scenery and the energy of it.

3. The overall experience – we are taking care that the artists are part of a story that goes from morning until midnight, and then back until morning. Whenever you get tired, you can be a part of exciting interactive workshops and activities, or just sit down and meditate in the nature.

How do you decide which parts of the world to travel to for your “out-of-this-world” promo parties? 

We are constantly trying to expand our reach and meet new and interesting people with whom we can build long-term connections. We’ve been in a lot of places and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people everywhere, some of whom know little about Transylvania but want to find out more, and others who have already been to Romania and fell in love with our country. It’s very difficult for us to organise parties beyond the borders without local help, so it’s a joint effort. Sometimes we contact people from the communities, but most of the time they reach out to us and we just can’t wait to connect.


How did the concept of an alien family come about?

Aliens are a metaphor for diversity; we are all different in all kinds of ways, for example different cultures, different languages, different in looks and mindsets, etc so we are all aliens for someone else. Yet, all this diversity is what makes life interesting and fun. The music is a key factor – we are united by music, so our goal is to celebrate diversity through music and dance. Though unlike the real aliens who make those crop circles, we leave no trace. Nature is part of our family so we take very good care of it by recycling, reusing and educating.

What does Transylvaliens offer, besides the music?

Amazing decorations, nature, fire shows and juggling acts. Every year we have different workshops and interactive sessions, from collective art, to meditation, to talk sessions. all of which are based on interaction. We learn from others and they learn from us. We share, we meet new people, we exchange ideas. There are also people sharing their creations, exchanging or selling their handcrafted stuff or even cooking for the others. It’s a little bit of everything. We’re trying to do this whilst keeping the prices for food and drink low, without sacrificing quality. Everyone must ENJOY their Transylvaliens experience!

What is the crowd like?

Crazy, diverse, colorful, happy, international, friendly… should I go on? 🙂 We have guests coming from all continents and and you can also meet locals from the nearby villages. Everyone is enjoying the music and art and having a good time together.


Is there a way for people to get involved in this year’s festival?

Always! Our musical lineup is currently closed, but we have open calls for volunteers, art projects, workshops, market stalls and any other contribution that is interesting and in line with the festival’s vision. We have a Participate section on our website and can also be contacted through our Facebook page.

Would you like to add anything else?

Join the alien family and visit us in Transylvania for an unforgettable experience!

For more interviews with festival organisers, follow my series “Tell me about your festival” on Medium.

Composed by: Milly Day

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