Interview: Agnieszka Górka of Goadupa

Located in the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland, Goadupa is still fairly unknown, yet the organisers describe it as “a festival so wonderful that it takes your breath away from the very first day”. With the festival seeing its 8th year in July, I decided to speak to Agnieszka Górka, the PR and Marketing Manager, to find out just what it is that makes Goadupa so special.

goadupa 3

Can you tell me how Goadupa first came about?

It was the initiative of the Egodrop crew, who used to organise Psychedelic Trance parties in underground Krakowian clubs and one day thought, why not organise an open air event? Egodrop parties have become quite popular, so 2010 was the perfect year to start thinking about something bigger. We found the lovely Bedkowska Valley with Sokolica, the tallest rock in the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska region, with multiple eye- catching rocks including the famous Dupa Słonia (literally translates as “The Elephant’s Ass”) and Iglica (“The Needle”). It is surrounded by meadows, forests, rocks and there’s a waterfall just a few steps away – the perfect place for such an initiative. So, together with Brandysówka, a household for visitors in the middle of the forest, the Egodrop crew organised the first open air called Goadupa, the name being a play on words between Goa Trance and Dupa Słonia rock, a natural wall we used as our main stage back then. The first edtion gathered around 300 people and was a 24h party. Now, Goadupa is a festival for thousands, lasts 4 days and offers much more than just music. In 2015, we decided to move Goadupa to its current location in the Bieszczady Mountains, as the festival had grown so big.

What do you believe makes it special?

The place, Bieszczady Mountains, the wildest, most magical land in Poland. From the Main Stage, you get a panoramic view of the mountains, whilst the Zen Canyon stage, complete with blankets and hammocks, is located near the forest canyon. We also have very good news for those who want to attend the festival with their kids – this year, we are particularly focused on the needs of parents and their offspring. For years, Goadupa has provided a special Kids Area in the forest, where childhood education practitioners organise original workshops and games for children. This time, we’re going a step further in creating a special zone for families in a shaded spot, providing a space to have meals and play with their children, or simply to meet with other families. Additionally, we are preparing designated showers and toilets for children and their parents.

goadupa 4

I gather from the name that the music will be mostly Goa Trance, is that correct? What other styles of music can we expect to hear?

The name is confusing for foreign people because as I mentioned before, it is a wordplay. Goa music is actually only a very small part of what we offer in terms of the music; this year, we’re preparing four stages showcasing different music, each with an amazing line up. The main stage is the Psychedelic Trance stage, where you’ll hear all kinds of Psytrance including Progressive, Full On, Goa, Dark Trance and Hi Tek. On our second stage, the Chill & Groove, you’ll find ethnic and chilled sounds, interwoven with Techno and bouncier rhythms and our third stage, Zen Canyon, gives festivalgoers the chance to sink deep into the sounds of mature Electronica. The fourth stage is a huge surprise for all fans of the event, something which has never before been tried by organisers of similar festivals in Poland. Goadupa is the first festival to offer its audience a venue: Life Stage. This stage is exclusively dedicated to instrumental music. You will get a chance to enjoy psychedelic sounds of Stoner Rock, Jazz and Hip Hop. So as you can see, there is a great deal of variety and Goa Trance is just a small percentage of the music on offer.

Besides the music, what does Goadupa offer?

The organisers take care of the spiritual development zone and guests will have the chance to participate in all sorts of spiritual workshops, personal development courses, massages and classes, such as yoga and juggling. It is also worth mentioning the rich programme of lectures, film screenings, talks on spiritual development, health and ecology… the Healing & Workshops Zone offers everything that a human being trying to break free from his or her daily routine could dream of. As always, it’s a diverse programme, and everyone will be able to find something to suit their tastes.

Can you describe the setting of the festival?

In the past it was a Mecca for hippies, artists, and lost wanderers whereas today, this setting is home to some of the most ‘cult’ locations in Poland – a must to visit, if only once in your lifetime, as a more colourful, joyful, and beautiful spot than the Bieszczady whirling in a shamanic dance at Goadupa is hard to come by.

goadupa 2

What type of people come to Goadupa?

Goadupa caters to those looking to break away from their day-to-day existence for a few days and enter a world where needs of the heart and soul are priorities. We all want to stop in our footsteps for a moment, lose ourselves in the beauty of the moment and experience something extraordinary together with friends and family. It is difficult to experience the world this way in mundane daily life, with all of its duties and obligations, and be here and now. We invite all open-minded people looking for an alternative lifestyle to experience the magic. Young, old and families all are more than welcome.

I read that you can only purchase tickets at the festival itself – what are the reasons behind this decision?

Actually, we have online sales as well! You can buy your ticket here.

For more interviews with festival organisers, follow my series “Tell me about your festival” on Medium.

Composed by: Milly Day
Photos by: Wojciech Drabek’Styropian’

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