Festival of the month: Own Spirit

With an adventurous spirit and a similar vibe to Boom, Own Spirit, which is held in Aragon in the north of Spain, has one main aim: to enrich the Spanish Psytrance scene. It first took place in 2015 after a series of smaller parties and gatherings held amongst a group of friends named “Own Style”, all of whom are avid music producers. Having discovered Psytrance at a random party, the idea of a festival combining this type of music with alternative therapies came about spontaneously, together with the name “Own Spirit”.

The Psytrance scene is prominent in the north of Spain, so it’s not surprising that Own Spirit attracts an international crowd, with visitors from more than 30 different countries attending last year. Paola Chirico, the Project Manager, and the festival’s director, Francesco Ibáñez, describe the festival as “welcoming, transformative, inspiring and fun.” During the first years, the team managed to develop a concept that included a healing area, family activities, a market and a circus, to name a few features. So whether you want to sweat away in a temazcal, practice yoga, watch a circus performance, or just dance 24/7, you’ll find your place here. Paola added “We like to use the word multidisciplinary festival. You can take what you want out of it.”

After three years of light and change, Own Spirit has been given a new home, surrounded by nature and a crystal clear lake. The birthplace of most of the crew is very close to this location and Francesco had previously organised some smaller gatherings in the area, along with his tribe – this is actually where everything started. The new location has been a major change for the festival.


This year, the organisers felt obliged to change the festival dates as well, after discovering an eagle was making his nest on the site around the time the festival was usually held. The way in which the crowd reacted to this news gave them the strength to sustain this change, a personal highlight for the entire crew. Naturally, there have been several other challenges, such as building absolutely everything from scratch and designing the festival as a zero impact event, but sheer persistence on their part has thankfully kept Own Spirit alive.

This year, you’ll be able to catch the likes of Merkaba, Kalya Scintilla, Estas Tonne, Outsiders, Vertical mode, Djantrix and Earthling playing at Own Spirit, to name a few. For more information, visit the festival’s official website.

Written by: Milly Day
Photos: Benedetta Broggi

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