Festival of the Month: The Bubble

The Bubble Festival in Malta is a week-long festival of contemporary art and music, celebrating the magical essence of life with a special focus on positive awareness-raising events. The motivation behind the festival is to create awareness of the community, the environment and the arts in a fun and festive way. Put on by not-for-profit organisation The Bubble, the festival, which began as a much smaller one-day event, has now been going for eight years. Organisers Duncan Fenech and Matthew Buttigieg have hit many milestones along the way, organically expanding it to the week-long camping experience it is today, but the idea has always been the same: to give back. They work on private projects throughout the year and then spend a couple of months working on The Bubble Festival, with all profits going to a number of different causes. Over the past eight years, they have donated over €50,000 to different causes.


Duncan and Matthew set out with the aim of making the festival one of Malta’s most positive festival experiences, with Duncan stating that “The Bubble is a festival of awareness with nothing but good intentions. We decided that for the concept to work in its truest form, all profits should be donated to good causes.”  This year, the beneficiary projects include The Youth Hub in St. Lucia Malta, The Jose Depiro Kabataan Orchestra in the Philippines, The Gaia Foundation, Majjistral Park & Get Trashed Malta amongst others. Matthew claims they are motivated by the energy among volunteers and that they feed off each others’ drive. Then there’s the motivation to raise more money than last year, which is quite a challenge, but also a lot of fun as the festival grows. In 2015 they raised €8,000; 2016 €10,000; 2017 €28,500; and this year they hope to raise even more. They also organise a small event called The Bubble Gives Back at the beginning of the year, where they hand out the money that’s been raised.


The 8th edition of the festival will take place on the majestic Golden Bay Headland on the grounds of the Gaia Foundation, close to Ghajn Tuffieha. There is a beautiful art garden and a peace grove among many other things to explore. Throughout the week, you can enjoy live and electronic music, ranging from Swing, to Disco, to Jazz. As well as this, there will be stand up comedy, theatre performances, nature walks and a series of events and workshops that tackle issues facing the environment and conservation.


Matthew described the bay as “a wonderful location” and went on to express his excitement about sharing it with so many other people, some of whom have never been there before. “Many appreciate the natural beauty and the stunning sunsets and continue to visit the location long after the festival is finished. The aim of The Bubble festival is all about getting you out of your daily routine, to step out of your “bubble”, and the stunning location catalyses that experience for our visitors, especially those who camp and live on site for the week.”

This year, The Bubble Festival is being held from September 17th to 23rd. Get your tickets from the festival’s official website from as little as €25.


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Written by: Milly Day
Photos: www.facebook.com/thebubblemalta

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