Artist interview: Leon Glock

Up-and-coming dark Techno DJ Leon Glock was selected to play at Mission Techno the weekend before last, after receiving the highest number of votes in a contest. I took this opportunity to chat with him and find out more about the contest and how it felt to kick off the festival.

Me: Hi Leon, nice to meet you!

Leon: You too!

Me: I heard that you won an award, ‘Best Techno Newcomer.’ Could you tell me a little more about that please?

Leon: Yeah, a friend of mine entered me into this contest without my knowledge and when I found out, I simply shared it and got about 350 votes together pretty fast! I never would have expected that.

Me: Wow, that’s impressive! You were the first DJ to play in the Tanszaal room- how did that feel? Were you nervous about kicking off the festival?

Leon: I was extremely nervous, yes, but after the first few tracks the nervousness dissolved pretty quickly.

Me: How did you warm the crowd up for the DJs that followed on from you?

Leon: I had to adjust musically to the DJs that were on after me, as my sound is usually harder, so I tried to play a mix of powerful, melodic and impulsive Techno, which went down pretty well.

Me: So you were pleased with your set?

Leon: Yes, I am actually quite satisfied with it. A few things could have gone better but all in all, I am very pleased.

Me: And what did you think of Mission Techno? Was it your biggest festival to date?

Leon: The Mission Techno parties are always absolutely awesome! Many different styles across several floors, the people are always in a good mood and spirits are high, which is how it should be. I’ve personally never played at such a big event; I’ve only ever been part of the crowd, so this was a really special experience.

Me: Well it was great seeing you play there! Where else will you be playing over the next few weeks?

Leon: I’m a resident of the event series Halt die Fresse! Lass mich Feiern! (Shut up! Let me party!) by Technorebellen, which takes place at the start of each month at Kontext in Wiesbaden. Other than that, I’m not playing any remarkable gigs.

Me: You’re from that part of the country aren’t you? How would you describe the Techno scene there? Is your music reflective of the scene?

Leon: Yes I come from Frankfurt, which is nearby. Unfortunately the Techno scene has become very quiet there, as the city puts a lot of obstacles in the path. But my music definitely reflects the Frankfurt sound, which sadly is slowly but surely dying out.

Me: What a shame!

Leon: I know.

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Leon: Yes, I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me in the contest, and especially to the Mission Techno Team – you have made a huge dream come true.