Artist Interview: Sebastian Groth & Stormtrooper

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of watching Sebastian Groth and Peter Nitschke, aka Stormtrooper, play alongside one another at Mission Techno in Mannheim. Now, it’s not often you see a Dark Techno DJ go back-to-back with one that plays Hardcore, however this seemingly incompatible duo somehow made it work. After their set, I took them both aside for an interview, and what an entertaining interview it turned out to be…

Me: Hi, lovely to meet you both. I’m Milly.

Peter: Hi Milly, I’m Peter and this is Sebastian. His English is not so good, so I’ll be doing most of the answering!

Me: Happy to do it that way, or you could be the translator? Anyway, let’s get started! Is this your first time playing at Mission Techno?

Sebastian: I’ve played here about fifteen times! I think I must be Mission Techno’s favourite DJ…

Peter: Don’t listen to him. It’s not the first time for either of us, but we hadn’t played in that room (Tanzsaal) until today.

Me: So you’ve played together here before?

Peter: Yeah, it’s our second time playing together at Mission Techno.

Me: Whose idea was it to go back-to-back?

(They exchange glances)

Peter: Good question! I’m not really sure. We just agreed at a festival once that we should do music together – that was our birth hour I guess.

Me: Which festival was that?

Peter: NatureOne. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it!

Me: How long ago were you there?

Peter: Well, our idea to collaborate came about three years ago. Ever since then, we’ve been like a married couple, haha. Sebastian is the man, the lazy one, and I’m the woman in the relationship.

Me: Haha! So your relationship both on and off stage is pretty good then?

Peter: It is, yes. Is there such thing as a heterosexual relationship between guys?

Me: Yep, that’s called a bromance. You certainly seem to work well together behind the decks too, however your styles are quite different, aren’t they?

Sebastian: Yup.

Peter: Just “yup”? That’s not much of an answer! Yeah, Sebastian is more Techno, whereas I’m more of a Hardcore guy. When we play together, we meet halfway, using Techno elements with a hard, pounding bass drum. Sebastian has to speed up a little, whereas I slow down.

(They begin bickering)

Me: I can see what you mean about behaving like a married couple! I’ll wrap things up. How has this year’s Mission Techno been for you?

Peter: This year’s event has been really good, with all the different styles of Techno, which were well split. You got to hear rougher styles of Techno in the room we were playing in. Events like this work well when the crowd have a choice of what to listen to.

Me: Indeed! There was even some old school Trance here tonight.

Peter: Yes, and that’s great! I would like to hear more Trance at festivals, rather than this generic-sounding EDM. NatureOne ought to take a leaf out of Mission Techno’s book.

Me: The last track you played caught my attention – what was its name?

Peter: That track is one of my own, it’s called ‘Bavarian Barbarian’ and uses traditional Bavarian folk music.

Me: Brilliant! Techno and Bavarian folk eh, why on earth not. So will I be seeing you both here next year?

Sebastian: Think so.

Peter: Totally!!!

Composed by: Milly Day